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Worgl Tirol

Worgl is one of Tirols bigger cities in the Eastern part.

The city counts 12.400 inhabitants and is located 20 km from the German border.

Worgl is located directly next to the Inn river on the mouth of the Brixentaler river on the point of intersection between the Inn valley, Brixen valley, Windschonau and the Solllandl.

Worgl is an ancient settlements area. Already in the early Iron Age people lived there and practiced trade.

The land was occupied and colonized by Bavarians in the late 6th century. In 1504 Emperor Maximilian I. took Worgl away from Bavaria and gave it Tirol.

On the 13th May 1809 an important battle took place at the gates of Worgl between farmers of the Tirolean freedom fighter Andreas Hofer and the French army of Napoleon. The farmers lost and Napoleon was able to continue his camaign against Tirol.

Nowadays Worgl is the second biggest town in the district of Kufstein.


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