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Schwaz Tirol

Schwaz is a little town on the banks of the Inn river in the Eastern part of Tirol. The number of inhabitants amounts to 13.000.

Schwaz is capital of its district, owns an area of 20,17 square kilometres, and consits of following boroughs and villages: Ried, Pirchanger, Bleiberg, Ost, Sonnseite, Surheim, and Falkenstein.

Schwaz was mentioned the first time in 930 as "Suates". The town was able to raise its prosperty by silver and copper resources.

After the decline of silver and copper mining in the 19th century, the town tried to instigate new upswing by following establishments:
- 1819 secondary school
- 1830 tabacco factory
- 1837 district court
- 1858 railway station
- 1876 retirement home
- 1889 public swimming pool
- 1897 the first power connections
- 1899 hospital

Until the first world war Schwaz was garrison headquarters of the III. battalion of the infantry regiment from Salzburg "Erzherzog Rainer" Nr. 59.

The main road directly next to the Inn river.

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