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Rattenberg Tirol

By only 343 (2002) inhabitants and an area of 0,1 square kilometer, the town of Rattenberg counts to one of the smallest towns in Austria.

 Rattenberg is located directly next to the Inn river in the Eastern part of Tirol and close on the border to Germany.

In former time the town served as a customs on the border between Bavaria and Tirol. Rattenberg was also an important transhipment point for all kinds of goods on the Inn river.

Coffee house in Rattenberg

Until 1504 Rattenberg was a part of Bavaria. Emperor Maximilian I. was able to take Rattenberg away from Bavaria and give to Tirol. Besides Rattenberg also the towns of Kufstein and Kitzbuhel became Tirolean.

The town hall in the town centre of Rattenberg.

Rattenberg is well known for its famous glass industry. During a walk through the town centre you might get the imagination the whole town consits of glass producing companies.

The town centre from east to the west.

The Inn river directly next to the town centre of Rattenberg.

Grotto Rattenberg

Two old houses on the gates of Rattenberg.

The crest of Rattenberg.



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