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Pfunds Tirol

Pfunds is a village in the South Western part of Tirol close to the city of Landeck. The village is located on the Inn river on the road to Nauders on to the Italian border.

The church of Pfunds was built in 1470.

Pfunds consits of following districts: Wandt, Vorderkobel, Hinterkobel, Birkach, Lafeiers, Stein and Greit.

Roundabout traffic in the Eastern part of the village.

Pfunds was mentioned the first time in 1282. Some houses of Pfunds have a traditional style of former times.

The centre of Pfunds has narrow roads. It's difficult to go by car.

The old houses of Pfunds testify a former prosperty. Pfunds was located on an important trade route between Augsburg and Venice.

The bridge over the Inn river was built in 1950.

Nowadays the village profits from the winter tourism of the neighbour villages Samnaun and Nauders.

Christian art in the middle of the bridge.

The Inn river takes a bow around Pfunds.

The Inn river from the Western to the Eastern direction.

The bridge of Pfunds from another view.

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