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Nauders Tirol

Nauders is a little town in the South Western part of Tirol and counts about 1.700 inhabitants.

Nauders is located 1.365 metres above sea level and well known as a popular holiday destination in summer and winter. Most of its citizens live on agriculture and tourism. Nauders belongs to the Vinschgau region which is located directly next to the Italian border (Reschen Pass) and also close to the Swiss border.

If you follow the road from Nauders and pass the Italian border, you will reach the village of Reschen (Italian Resia) and the Lake Reschen. In the Lake Reschen you can see the church tower of the former village "Alt-Graun" which disappeared under the water. Only the church tower remains of the old village.

The location of Nauders on the Pass Reschen characterized the village since Roman times. Already in the year 50, an important trade route leaded from the Roman Empire to the German city of Augsburg. Nauders was marked on a map from the 2nd century which was found in Egypt as the Roman road station "Inutrium". In 1150 Nauders was mentioned in a document as "Nudres".

In 1348 Nauders was depopulated by the pestilence disease, in 1609 buried by an avalanche. A large fire destroyed the town in 1880.

The Catholic church of Nauders counts to one of the oldest in Austria.

The Castle Nauderberg was built in 1200 and mentioned in a document the first time in 1239. The castle was heavily damaged during the war between Austria and Switzerland in 1499. The castle is private property since 1980. There is a restaurant and a museum inside. The museum shows the life in and around Nauders in former times.

The lost village under the frozen lake.
Only a stone's throw from Nauders.

The construction work of the "Fortress Nauders" started in 1834 and finnished in 1840. The fortress served as barriere and roadblock to protect the Inn valley of enemy raids. The fortress is built in rock, has five floors, and offers space for a bigger garrison. There is a museum inside the fortress nowadays.

Nauders offers following ski tracks:
- Zirmbahn (2.650 m)
- Tscheyeckbahn (2.700 m)
- Gaislochbahn (2.300 m)
- Larchenhang I (1.700 m)
- Larchenhang II (2.280 m)
- Almlift (2.600 m)
- Goldseelift (2.295 m)
- Ganderbildlift (2.295 m)
- Panoramalift (2.850 m)
- Ideallift (2.170 m)
- Tallift (1.500 m)
- Mutzkopf (1.850 m)

Hotel Post in the centre of Nauders.

A walk in the evening from the main road to the centre of Nauders.

The restaurant on the main road.

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