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Hopfgarten Tirol

Hopfgarten is located in the Eastern part of Tirol, close to the city of Worgl and belongs to the district of Kitzbuhel.

The church of Hopfgarten was built between 1758 and 1764.

 Hopfgarten consits of following districts: Glantersberg, Gruberberg, Elsbethen, Horbrunn, Grafenweg, Pesendorf, Weichsölln, Kelchsau, Penningberg, Achen, Aschberg, Haag, Katzenberg, Kropfrad, Mittermoosen, Penning, Salvenberg, Hacha, Lindrain, Schnapfen, Bahnhof Hopfgarten, Boden, Haslau, Kühle Luft, Mesnergraben, Mairhof, Neue Siedlung, and Sudtiroler Siedlung.

The police station in Hopfgarten

Hopfgarten counts 6.000 inhabitants and has a large municipality area of 167 square kilometres.

Butcher's house

Hopfgarten has a nice town centre with a lot of old houses. The narrow alleys give the visitor an imagination about the city life in former time.

Bakerman's house

Restaurant Oberbrau in the green building.
White building: Gasthof Post

One of the nice traditional houses in the town centre of Hopfgarten: Farbenhaus Decker.

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